Top Riding Gifts for Mother and Father’s Day

Mother and Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and if your parents are motorcycle enthusiasts, we’ve got the perfect gift guide for you. Although they might deserve a bike for all they do, that may be a bit out of budget. No worries—we’ve got some great gift ideas your mom and dad will love.


Give the gift of safety, comfort and convenience all in one. A motorcycle rider kit includes everything a biker could need when riding like lens cleaner, noise filter protection, a bike scarf, a tire repair kit, an air gauge, an under-seat tool kit, luggage security cables and kickstand pads. Order a pre-packed kit online, or cater the kit to your mom or dad by buying items that will meet their specific needs and creating your own.


When in doubt, a gift certificate is always a good idea. Maybe your mom has been saving up for a new part to upgrade her bike, or maybe your dad needs new gear and you’re unsure what size or style to choose. A gift card from their favorite parts or gear shop will ensure your mom and dad can get what they really want.


Wallets can be bulky, and purses or bags are inconvenient to carry on a motorcycle. Gift your mom or dad a riding wallet that is super compact but still able to hold basic necessities. Look for a wallet that not only has a secure, non-slip grip but is also heat-resistant, lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket—AKA perfect for riding.


Do your parents get wrist fatigue when they go on long rides? If yes, you just found the perfect gift: the throttle rocker.

A throttle rocker is device that wraps snugly around the throttle grip of a motorcycle. Instead of squeezing the grip to operate the throttle, the downward pressure from the heel of your hand on the contoured portion of the throttle rocker causes the throttle to rotate. This relieves stress on the hand and allows it to sit in a more natural position while riding. The really good news: they’re super affordable. Most throttle rockers can be found online under ten dollars.


Have a hand in your mom or dad’s safety and gift them a good pair of riding gloves. When riding, hands need to be comfortable and protected at all times. Gloves should offer full protection, great support and be able to withstand varying weather. Most importantly, the gloves should fit like a second skin. Find out your mom or dad’s glove size before purchasing, or be sure they can exchange them if needed.


If your parents have a road trip coming up, luggage for their bike might be the perfect gift. You can choose between different styles of saddlebags, side cases, tail bags or tank bags. It depends on the amount of storage your mom or dad will need and where on the bike they want to store it.


A lot of people who ride motorcycles like to read about motorcycles, too. Purchase a 12-month subscription to your mom or dad’s favorite riding magazine and watch your gift keep on giving throughout the whole year.


If your mom and dad often ride together, give each a Bluetooth headset that connects to their helmets. Then they’ll be able to talk to each other when riding without having to stop and take their helmets off. You just solved all of their communication problems—well, at least the ones on the motorcycle.


We would never suggest taking the freedom out of the open road, but sometimes riders need a little direction. A GPS unit that can be mounted on the handlebars or console of a motorcycle is a great gift for the rider in your life. It can always be turned off if you mom or dad would rather ride with just the road guiding them.


While I’m sure your mom or dad would enjoy almost everything listed above, often times what parents really want is some quality time with you, the gift giver. Surprise them with a card or breakfast, and then enjoy a ride together. Plan out a route ahead of time or just tackle the open road.

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