Overlooked Tips for the Sturgis Rally

Our story begins in the quaint town of Sturgis, South Dakota, a place known for its idyllic charm and serenity. But once a year, an enigmatic event unfolds, transforming this town into a nexus of excitement and adventure. A rally so famed its name conjures a million brazen images. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

On your journey toward certain adventure, we’ve come up with three overlooked safety tips for you to consider.

Back of red motorcycle

Tip #1

Curb Cruise Control

While cruise control is certainly useful on long stretches of highway, it can be dangerous to rely on all the time. Large groups, swerving scenic rides, congested traffic, these all require attentive riding. Our suggestion? Grab the clutch and ride to the rhythm of the road. You’ll thank us later.

Tip #2

Fix Your Target Fixation

Humans are curious creatures often mesmerized by the drama that unfolds in front of them. Whether that be the police cruiser that pulled someone over, a two-car crash or the giant serpent on the side of the road. Resist the urge to stare and keep your focus.

Motorcycle riding past Mount Rushmore

Bike helmet hanging on motorcycle

Tip #3

Don’t Ride Out of Your Mind

Some say time itself plays tricks on riders during Sturgis week. But don’t let that defeat you. Never ride too tired — drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. There’s plenty of late nights and fun to be had, but just make sure you have enough shut eye before hitting the road. The same goes for drinking. Sturgis is biker heaven and worth celebrating. Just make sure you don’t mix the two. Many motorcycle fatalities at Sturgis are linked to alcohol. Sober up, ride safe.

A happy ending for our tale depends on you! Enjoy your time at Sturgis and stay safe.

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