Motorcycle Training Courses

Hitting the open road is a lot more liberating when you have the right training behind you. And nothing prepares you for the road like knowledge and experience. Gain both with motorcycle training courses.

South Dakota has more motorcycle riders per capita than any other state, with 7.6% of registered motor vehicles being motorcycles. So it’s important riders are educated and up to date on their skills before hitting the road. The South Dakota Safety Council is the state’s designated motorcycle safety training center, offering classes that help motorcyclists prepare to ride. In addition to learning life-saving skills, taking a motorcycle safety course can mean insurance discounts and a better ride for everyone on the road.

Motorcycle training isn’t just for new riders. Everyone from seasoned pros to motorcyclists brushing up on old skills can benefit from a class. There are several course options that you can search for by location, instructor, date and class type. Training runs April through October each year. Find a course that suits your needs.


Basic Rider Training

Basic Rider Training is one of the most popular motorcycle safety classes. It’s designed for the rider with little to no street-riding experience or for a rider coming back to the bike after taking some time off. The class includes:

  • Classroom and on-cycle instruction
  • A motorcycle (bring a DOT-approved helmet)
  • Fundamental skills overview
  • Emergency situation tips

The successful completion of this course waives the South Dakota skills and written test requirements to obtain your motorcycle operator endorsement.

Braking and Corner Clinic

A majority of motorcycle crashes happen due to improper braking and cornering. This five-hour course is designed to improve your braking and cornering to give you the confidence you need in an emergency situation. The clinic is for riders with current street-riding experience, and it takes place on-cycle. No classroom work or testing is required to successfully complete this training. To take this course, you’re required to bring:

  • A valid Class 2 driver’s license
  • Car/truck/motorcycle endorsement
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Your own motorcycle/scooter
  • DOT-approved helmet
  • Proper protective gear (eye protection, riding gloves, motorcycle jacket/long shirt, riding pants/sturdy jeans, over-the-ankle boots)


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