Cruise By COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our world as we know it. Self-isolation, toilet paper shortages, working from a storage-room-turned-home-office – these are weird times. And we have a long road back to normalcy. While a lot of your life is on hold, your love of riding doesn’t have to be. Because the open road is still there, and you can be, too. Enjoy a scenic ride in the age of social distancing with these five tips.

biker with helmet riding on highway


Proper gear will help keep you safe on any ride, but especially during COVID-19. A full face helmet stops the spread of germs while protecting your noggin. And riding gloves improve your grip and guard your hands against road rash and coronavirus. For extra protection, be sure to wipe down your gear after every ride.


In the name of social distancing, rides that involve overnight stays and traveling in packs should wait until post-pandemic. But that doesn’t rule out short day trips. Rock two wheels and soak in some scenery – just make sure your route leads you back home at the end of the day.

front of biker riding on highway

biker holding map


This seems like a given – you should always ride prepared. But with the threat of coronavirus filling every backroad, byway, interstate and highway, you should put a little more thought into prepping. Pack anything that can help avoid a stop – snacks, water, layers of clothing, disinfectant wipes. And try to plan your rest stops so you gas up the least amount of times as possible to avoid exposing yourself more than necessary.


After every ride, wash your bike, gear and hands. Think about what might have been touched – from the visor and vents on your helmet to the device that mounts your phone – and disinfect it. And put some muscle behind it; you can’t be cautious enough.

hand of biker washing headlight

Helmet on Bike


In this time of quarantined uncertainty, you can still get out, be free and social distance from your saddle. But if you’re feeling sick or may have been exposed to the virus, it’s important to stay home for 14 days before getting back on the road.

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