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Top Ten Tips to Prepare for Sturgis

As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally closes in, we’ve compiled ten tips to prepare you for an unforgettable – and safe – week of riding. 
  1. Don’t drink and ride. Every year people die at the Rally, many due to alcohol-related crashes. Stay sober, and stay safe.

  2. If you’ve never ridden in the Black Hills, prepare to see deer, buffalo and more. Also be prepared to stop for them, as animal encounters are common. Constantly scan the road for wildlife.

  3. Before you go, have your bike tuned up by a mechanic. You can also conduct a T-CLOCS inspection and check your bike’s suspension using our motorcycle maintenance videos

  4. Weather can be wild, ranging from intense heat and humidity to thunderstorms. Pack raingear and breathable clothing that dries easily.

  5. Roads are packed during the Rally. Drive slower than normal to account for traffic and sudden stops.

  6. Don’t forget your safety gear. A helmet, leathers and boots can save your life.

  7. Get traveler info to plot your rest stops and check for road construction. You can also pre-plan your rides using interactive riding maps.

  8. Take time for the sights. The Black Hills offer scenic rides near Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave National Park and more.

  9. Invest in a working bike lock and bags specifically designed for motorcycles.

  10. Watch for the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety. We’ll be handing out free swag at the Rally.